Reflexology for Families

Introduction to Reflexology | taught by Alison Rippin, BPE, CR
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Alison Rippin, BPE, CR
Alison Rippin, BPE, CR
Certified Reflexologist

About the instructor

I love sharing the benefits of reflexology!

I have been involved with reflexology for over 25 years and am a certified reflexologist, teacher and owner of the Canadian Reflexology School.

I also have a degree in Kinesiology, and it was during the completion of my degree when I was accidentally introduced to the profound benefits of reflexology.

My mission is to have at least one person in each family know how to apply reflexology to their family members, and I created this program to fulfill that mission. I have taught this exact program in person to private groups and at recreation centers and am excited to bring it to a wider audience through the wonders of technology!

Reflexology for Families will provide you with the basics of this simple yet powerful ancient therapy, including: history and theory, foot facts, foot conditions you may encounter, an overview of anatomy and physiology, and a variety of options for providing a session including sequencing for a full 60 minute session that you can use to bring comfort to your family.  Also includes "how to videos". 

Course Contents

10 Videos
11 PDFs
12.0 hrs